Customer Feedback as a Product Loop

I recently discovered Kevin Kwok’s Blog. I especially enjoyed his posts about the product loops in Figma and Superhuman. I was talking to Matt Ayers this week, and he helped me realize that I’m building a product loop, but this one is around customer feedback.

At Talk Hiring, we’ve built a mock interviewing tool for career readiness programs. High schools, colleges, veteran programs, and more general workforce development organizations purchase Talk Hiring to improve the interviewing skills of job seekers. For Talk Hiring to be successful, it obviously has to be liked by both staff and job seeker end-users.

We collect all kinds of user feedback, but one of our primary forms of feedback comes through surveys. We send end-users an optional, 3-question survey after every mock interview. The interesting twist is that we share this feedback with the staff at the relevant career readiness program.

What are the loops here?